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The Burmese military dictatorship that is about to become extinct

The fascist war monstrosities who foolishly seized state power by embracing a military dictatorship that was running low on food and fuel are facing domestic politics, On the military front, the whole country is facing strong opposition from almost all the ethnic parents, and it has been low-key in various fields, and on the international diplomatic front, it has reached the point where it is surrounded without being recognized by any country.

In fact, in the 21st century, where the flow of information is so fast, a military dictatorship that wants to rule with lies, commits evil crimes without relying on the public, and wants to rule with lies cannot survive for long.

What can be said accurately is that the basic requirements for the survival of the military dictatorship, such as the low level of political awareness of the public and the influence of fear, have disappeared in Myanmar today. Because the people of the country are no longer afraid of the danger of the military dictatorship, and the level of political awareness is high.

The war-privileged false military monsters and their followers who are causing all kinds of trouble to the country will never get the support of the majority of the people and will always lose no matter how many times they hold elections. Because all their communities…

1) political awareness; Incorrect perception.

2) Impure morals.

3) We need to rely on weapons and rule by the people.

4) need to be privileged.

5) I need to be above the law.

6) He only looks at himself and has a big ego.

7) Bad history.

8) Democracy I don’t want to accept consensus voting.

9) There is no kindness towards the majority of people.

10) There is nothing empty about doing something honest and good for the country.

11) People are shot with guns.

12) He killed the student.

13) He killed the monks.

14) Ethnic groups are killed by war.

15) Arrest, imprison, torture and kill political opponents.

16) He did not admit to the crimes he committed with a million mistakes. Not responsible.

16) Systematically destroy the country’s education system.

17) Destroyed the economy of the country.

18) He himself is corrupt. It makes corruption grow.

19) Selling the country’s resources for self-interest.

20) He made himself rich with public money.

21) Robbery of state power against the will of the people.

22) Stubbornly enacted the Constitution against the will of the majority of the people.

23) People’s land is forcibly confiscated.

24) Use patriotism and call those who don’t understand the wrong way.

25) religion Using race and calling the wrong way.

26) Contagious and spread the ideology of military privilege.

27) Waging wars and preventing peace in various ways.

28) Capitalizing on war, He prospered with evil.

29) After making a pint of evil and dirt, donate here and there as a merit. After setting up the pagoda, he tricked and convinced the ignorant Lushan monks.

30) He lied to the public by telling falsehoods.

32) Inconsistent words are unethical words.

31) Hiding historical facts.

32) Do not be ashamed to do bad things, He lacks conscience.

33) Human dignity is trampled to the ground and people are not recognized as human beings.

34) Violation of human rights.

35) Manages the rule of law without bringing justice.

36) They tend to commit only 3 bad karmas that are low in wisdom and stupid and unruly.

37) It is a problem with various classes and it is a common enemy of all.

38) Terrorist attack.

39) There is nothing you dare not do for power and wealth that you do not deserve.

40) Doing bad things Worship the green spirit.

41) Group sectarianism big brother and little brother face.

42) He does not act uprightly and lacks sincerity.

43) Repeatedly breaking promises without keeping promises. I swallowed my saliva.

44) Even though you know you are wrong, you continue to make the same mistake over and over again without the desire to correct it.

45) Not only does he know no gratitude, but he also eats people of the same caste.

46) There is no loyalty to the people.

47) The people are not governed by the 4 Brahma Surahs.

48) Create fear and rule over the people.

49) always against the will of the people.

50) Don’t believe in pushing the people into the mire of poverty, but divide the ocean of suffering and make them shed tears.

These people do not like God, Nat doesn’t like They are the kind of people that good people don’t like and dislike, as well as those who dig a hole so stupid that even God can’t save them. The people who associate with them Mr. monk the bishop Be a famous religious leader. Either the leaves wrapped in rotten fish meat or It has been proved by the monks of Sitagu and Mabhatha that the stench of silk or velvet is contagious.

Unfortunately, in 1962, Myanmar fell under the boots of the military. In almost 60 years, the poisonous tree of lawlessness under the military dictatorship has borne fruit. good lord The place of good military men, The perpetuation of national sovereignty above the home fronts of the state. Words such as the sustainable spread of religion and religion were shouted loudly from their mouths.

Racial hatred, perpetuation of their privilege without actually acting on it. to make religious hatred Instead of masked intrigues to destroy unity, they are now taking power from the legitimate government elected by the people, right?

To conclude this article, the skills of the young generation, who are called Generation Z Janzi, technology era In the age of IT, the old 19th century An evil military dictatorship that wants to use weapons and terrorists cannot survive anymore.

I have been in power for more than 9 months. Entering 10 months, there is not much time left for military privileges that are not recognized by any country, domestic or foreign. In the power-hungry council, which has become a power-hungry council without any success, all 3 branches of state power are inactive, and those who support and surround them are diminishing day by day. Financial resources are always available. Weapons and supplies are also getting less and less, and worst of all, their morale is becoming more and more obvious day by day.

According to the signs from the other side, the Burmese military dictatorship, which is running out of food and fuel like a diseased and unmedicated person, will last only 3 months, so it will disappear from the world before the end of its 1-year term.



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