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It is near the end of the history of the war bandits, which are no longer worthy of the political table

Differences in interests in societies; Greed anger ego Due to pride and grudge etc., they are often pushed into various conflicts. conflict within the kinship group; ethnic conflict; regional conflict; internal conflict in the country Conflict between countries Global conflicts have occurred throughout human history.

Humans sometimes resolve such conflicts through diplomacy, and sometimes they resolve them with weapons. If we can discuss and resolve it diplomatically, we can overcome the conflict with less casualties. To be able to find a solution in this way, the leaders and followers of both groups have a human spirit and good morals.

Leaders and followers of a group have their own interests. pride Greed and anger can’t be reduced, Bad morals, I will always want to take advantage of my side, If we can’t fix the bad character of wanting to rely on weapons, sitting around the table and discussing things will never succeed, and it will be like the failed peace talks that have lasted for more than 70 years in Myanmar.

On May 20, 2022, the RCSS/SSA chairman Yuksit and the group met as the first group to discuss the peace talks between Min Aung Hlaing, who always swallows his spit and never keeps his promises.

Some of the EAO groups that attended the nominal peace talks of the War on Terror Council against the will of the people are the Rakhine State Liberation Party (ALP), which has signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA). Progressive Buddhist Karen National Army (DKBA); KNU/KNLA-PC; Pao National Liberation League (PNLO); NMSP, LDU The 7 RCSS teams, UWSA, which is not a signatory to the NCA, NDAA 3 SSPP groups were also listed.

Kill your own people, The entire village was burnt down. People who want to discuss and find a solution with the evil army, who are no longer worthy of the political table because they bombed civilians fleeing the war with airplanes and committed countless war crimes. political party If armed organizations are not fools who don’t understand that they have to die when they want to do useless things, they are selfish people. war and work It will only be the dirt of history that is done with politics.

For the peace of the country and its people, the most important thing for those who participated in the discussion is to be honest and be devoted to the country’s citizens and the country. The following examples prove that the self-serving fascist military group does not have any of the above.

2021 ISP-Myanmar reported that between February 1 and July 15, 2022, more than 28,000 buildings, including public houses and religious buildings, were lost due to the military raiding and burning without a fight.

In today’s news media age, video and photo evidence taken from satellites, Knowing that there are millions of video and photo evidences that can be obtained very quickly in the era of internet communication, war bandit leader Min Aung Hlaing shamelessly denied that the village houses would not be set on fire when he met with the UN Special Representative Nolin Heza and issued a news report on the night of August 19.

Every time I bend, Nyangryn in the northern part of Pao Township, Thein On August 20, Gwe Gon villages were burned down by the terrorist army, and 24 public houses were burnt to ashes.

During the meeting with the special representative of the UN Secretary General, Nolin Heza, when the meeting was over, the public was killed, The village did not burn, insulting human dignity, The evils that continue to violate human rights are not worthy of the political table anymore, so there is no other way but to punish them both domestically and internationally.

According to the last method of the 4 methods of horse management that the horse keeper told the Buddha, only the fourth method of throwing dice remains.

The military dictatorship in Myanmar is at its end and will soon be overthrown. Who stood with the people on the stage of the country’s history, It has been clearly seen under the lights that those who have joined the tyrannical war bandits who have put the public into hell for a long time.

As the State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said-

“History doesn’t show faces. who is right who is wrong Who stands and how? It will leave a record of who perverted and how.”



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