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If you want to die, don’t eat diamonds and join the army of war monsters that have gone into the sunset forever

In Burmese language, either a person or Either an organization or If you get involved with them in any place or area, the life of everyone involved can be greatly affected, so there is a saying that is used as a warning. That is, if you want to die, don’t eat diamonds, go to anyone. They use it wherever they go.

To give an example, in Sadhu’s novel “Jin Bhoon”, the men who are taken with no confidence will not live long and must die for some reason, so “If you want to die, don’t eat diamonds, “Go to the bathroom,” according to the consumption rate.

Another example is the Burma-Thai Railway (Thai Min Taman Railway), which was planned in June 1942 by the Minister of War of the Imperial Japanese Army, General Tokyo, to support the Japanese military in Burma after the fascist Japanese occupied Singapore during World War II.

The railway, which was started by Thailand’s Nan Paladek, was built after passing through Kanchanapuri and passing through the Kway River on the Kway Noi River, which flows from the Myanmar border. From there, it will connect to Tamphyuzarap on the Yangon-Thampyuzaram railway, which was built by the British in 1925, through the Pagoda Trisu Valley Road on the Myanmar border.

During the construction of that deadly railway, the pain of hard work, severe weather, Cholera Malaria malnutrition, 16,800 allied prisoners of war and 80,000 to 100,000 forced laborers from ASEAN and Burma died due to lack of clothing and general supplies.

That’s why it was a place where there was no way back for the concentration camp soldiers who went to work in the construction of the railroad from all over Burma, so the saying “If you want to die, don’t eat diamonds, go to a tin coffin” appeared in those days.

It’s the same now. The fascist terrorist army, which seized power on February 1, 2021 without recognizing the vote results of the majority of the people of Burma, was violently opposed by the people of Burma, including the ethnic groups, from all sides, so for the first time in history, it suffered the most.

In the year since the start of the People’s Resistance War, which betrayed the country and the people, more than 20,150 members of the Terrorist War Council have been killed and more than 7,000 have been injured. On September 7, 2022, the Acting President of the National Unity Government, Duwal Shila, said in a state-of-the-nation speech on the anniversary of the declaration of the People’s Resistance and Revolutionary War on September 7, 2022.

From January to October 2022, there were 3,845 major and minor skirmishes in the Kathule area of ​​the Karen National Union (KNU), and 3,664 people were killed and 2,700 were injured on the part of the Military Terrorism Council and the Border Guard Force (BGF), according to the Karen National Union.

On May 31, 2022, the bodies of the soldiers who died in a battle with the Karenni People’s Defense Forces in Di Mosso Township, Kayah State, were so destroyed that the army left them without collecting them.

Karen like that itch Kachin Chin Sagaing, The ruling Military Council has kept the news in the dark without making a statement regarding the situation in which many terrorist soldiers were killed and injured in the fighting in Magway and across Burma.

That’s why today’s time, “If you want to die, don’t eat diamonds, eat with the army of war monsters that have gone down forever.” However, the leaders of the military terrorist army are unable to find new recruits for the military bandit army that is slowly growing to maintain their power. He tried to return to military service by giving land incentives. Most veterans who know they will die if they return to service are unwilling.

either a person or Either an organization or No matter how powerful or strong a country’s empire is in its good times, May it be great, His time is over; When it’s time to fail, no matter the man or the dog, Neighboring countries are respectful and don’t eat, leave and suppress, They will have to rebel against the establishment.

Today, the terrorist army and Tyal Lu government, which repeatedly broke their faith with the people and pledged allegiance to Mal, are not only not recognized at home and abroad, but have been completely abandoned by the citizens of the country.

To conclude this article, the false army of privileged military privileges that has been cruelly oppressing the people for more than 60 years by relying on guns is slowly going down, so the sun will set forever, so both the soldiers and policemen who are covered in the darkness of information from the terrorist army. “If you want to die, don’t eat diamonds and join the fascist army,” he said.



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