Tofu was consumption in China since last 2000 years ago. It was not Myanmar origin food and come from China. Although it was made with bean in Myanmar, but in China made with the bean paste like yogurt. In Myanmar has two type such bean curd and Tofu and consumption as snack, side dish by cooking or make salad or fried. It was made with chickpea in most region of Myanmar but made with pea in Shan state and it was very smooth and better taste than other region that why Shan Tofu is famous.

Ingredient in Tofu Salad

Lemon Leaf
Tamarind Paste
Fish sauce
Dried prawn powder    
Cooked oil with garlic

Health Benefit

By consumption of Tofu, it reduces heart disease, some cancer disease, Stomach ache, Diabetes and improve Brain development and reduce fat and get beauty for skin. 

Side Effect

Avoid for galled and kidney disease person. It is also side effect for throat and come out extra tissue in Breast. 

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