The sesame

Sesame is usually cultivated in rainy season. In the midland of Myanmar such Sagaing , Magway and Mandalay provinces, people cultivate the sesame as multiple crop with pigeon pea or main crop. In Bago region and Irrawaddy region cultivate as extra crop after harvesting the paddy field. 

People cultivate the sesame in slit, sand, red sand. In one sesame plant, there has at least three hundred seeds depend on the species and land. 


In sesame plant has two type and the sesame flower brooms at the bottom of plant infinite. The ripe pods and unripe pods, flower and bud can see at any time. It is a type of pollen that is 5% or more of a plant that depends on insect activity. A flower or three flowers between the trunk and the trunk. Some flower with color and mostly flower is white. 


Generally, temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit 90 degrees Fahrenheit are best for planting. It usually grows in tropical region and subtropical regions above 4000 feet from sea level. It well grows and success in 20 Degree temperature and not success under 20 Degree temperature. Sesame plant like the fertile and rich farmland. 

Cultivate Time

The cultivate time of sesame plant is May, June, August, October and November and before the rainy season of February and March. 


Last Long years ago, people cultivate as oilseeds in Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Indian and tropical Africa. The sesame plant is natural growth in Arabian, Sri Lanka, Australia and Megastar. The Mexico, America and Latin America are emphasizing in cultivation. There are many species in Indian, Africa and Pakistan.

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