Myanmar people like Thanakha cause the effective for “Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer”. There is very rare Burmese lady who dislike the Thanakha. The characteristics of Thanakha are full of refreshing fragrance, cool for the skin, smooth for skin, beauty for user. In some region of Myanmar, the people celebrate Thanakha paste festival in every first day of Thingyan. 

Plantation Region 

We can see the qualified Thanakha plants in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, West Indies Thailand, Pakistan and midland of Myanmar. 


Thanakha plant is kind of medium shape plant. It high is 20 feet to 30 feet. Its stem and branch have half-inch of hard thorns. No outer bark appears in young plant and good outer bark (Skin) appear in grow plant up. The leaf shape is two to three leaflets. 

The leaf is dark green color and flat, smooth and hard. It blooms the light-yellow multiparous flower in March, April and May, depend on the weather and farmland. Thanakha Fruits are ripened in July, August and September. Its taproot is long and sperate to side root. In the root has outer bark skin. 

Qualified Thanaka

The age of qualified Thanaka plant is round about 35 years old. The age since 6 or 7 years can sell in Market. Most 8- to 10-year-olds are the largest size of the market.

Medical Useful

The leaf is useful for prevent epilepsy and convulsion diseases. According the Burmese traditional medical treatise, it can treat both sickness for cool disease and hot disease.

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